Our Work

Our aim is to provide relevant scientific evidence in accessible forms, for a variety of audiences.

Many HART members had been independently researching and reviewing COVID-19 policy and peer reviewed studies since spring 2020, with some also working directly within local communities. We felt there was a need for a more clearly defined multidisciplinary approach housed under one organisation, and so HART was formed in January 2021.

Our aim is to provide relevant scientific evidence in accessible forms, for a variety of audiences. We hope our information will widen the scientific debate among policy makers, expert colleagues, the media and the public.

Our work covers the following areas: 

  1. Mental Health and Education
  2. Other Harms from Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
  3. Evidence on COVID-19
  4. Policies and Economics
  5. Treatment Interventions

In addition to the information on our website, we offer consultation to parliamentarians regarding COVID-19 policy and are able to provide evidence-based articles to both the media and other professionals based on the latest available data.

HART is a not-for-profit, unincorporated membership association, where all consulting members collaborate on an entirely voluntary (unpaid) basis. Our experts take a collaborative approach and invite contributions from all sectors and interested groups or communities, at all levels.

We hope our input can aid in formulating strategies which best benefit everyone in society and we are grateful for any support in sharing our material.

HART is not a campaigning organisation and does not authorise its name, logo or website to appear on or be otherwise associated with printed or online campaigning, and other marketing materials, produced or circulated by external groups or organisations.

From time to time and with prior agreement, HART is acknowledged by members in their externally published materials, such as articles, papers and studies, and in broadcast media appearances.