Latest Open Letter to our Latest Prime Minister

Re: Covid-19 Vaccines for Children

Date: 22 November 2022

To: The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak, The Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA 

Dear Mr Sunak,

Re: Covid-19 Vaccines for Children

Firstly, belated congratulations on becoming our new Prime Minister.

You already have had many pressing matters in your first few weeks in office.  But what can be more important than the health and well-being of the nation’s children?

We, the undersigned health professionals and scientists, have huge concerns about the safety and necessity of Covid-19 vaccines for children, for reasons detailed in the letters enclosed. Between us, we have written numerous letters to the regulators, copied to your predecessor, regarding use of these mRNA products in children.  We call upon you, urgently, to pause the Covid-19 vaccine rollout for healthy under 18s, while a thorough and independent safety review is undertaken.  We urge you to reconsider their deployment for the following reasons:

  • Covid-19 was always a much milder illness in children, with a risk of death for otherwise healthy children of around 1 in 2 million. Successive variants have become less virulent, reducing the risk still further.
  • In addition, there is considerable evidence of rapidly waning vaccine efficacy, and increasing concerns over immediate vaccines injuries (such as myocarditis with its known potential for severe and possibly permanent cardiac damage). 
  • Lastly, the vast majority of children have already been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 repeatedly and have achieved demonstrably effective immunity, which is far superior to vaccine-induced immunity.

In short, the balance of benefit and risk, used to support the rollout of mRNA vaccines to the elderly and vulnerable in 2021, is inappropriate and inapplicable for children in 2022. 

Below are links to all the fully referenced letters we have written to the MHRA, the JCVI and the CMOs over the past sixteen months. The detailed questions posed have never been properly addressed by these regulators. You may be aware that members of the Pandemic Response All Party Parliamentary Group also wrote to the JCVI in January 2022, regarding the documented increase in all-cause mortality in 15-19-year-old males, again with no satisfactory reply addressing their concerns.

Groups of health professionals from around the world have similar concerns and indeed some countries have already paused children’s Covid-19 vaccines, particularly for those who have already had SARS-CoV-2 infection.  The Danish Minister of Health recently declared that vaccinating children had been a mistake and has withdrawn it for healthy children. It is very worrying to see that in the UK the vaccine rollout for healthy 5-11s which was discontinued in September, has started up again in October.

The health of the nation’s children is of paramount concern and must surely be a high priority for an incoming Prime Minister. You will no doubt be aware of Sir Christopher Chope’s tireless work on a Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill, pushing for proper and fair compensation for thousands of vaccine-damaged adults.  You cannot allow the risk of Covid-19 vaccine injuries in children, who stand to gain zero benefit from vaccination due to the overwhelming majority having already been infected, and who have therefore already acquired natural immunity.

We entreat you to apply the precautionary principle to the use of these products, which still have no long-term safety data and remain in Phase 3 clinical trials. The evidence of damage that this rushed policy is causing for children mounts daily.

In addition to concerns about the physical risk to children posed by these mRNA products, we would also remind you of the acknowledged and significant psychological and educational damage to children which resulted from the school closures and masking requirements implemented by your predecessor.  We would ask that, as a matter of urgency, you make clear that school closures and masking of schoolchildren will not be repeated under your watch.

At the beginning of your term as Prime Minister, you have a critical opportunity to prevent avoidable damage to children, and the inevitable outcry and backlash that will follow, by pausing the rollout with immediate effect, as well as bringing to an end all harmful covid restrictions in schools. This is a risk-free action.  Until then, the political and health risks of these damaging policies will only escalate. It is particularly worrying that the Pfizer covid vaccines, including the children’s vaccine have been given full marketing authorisation last week, apparently with no additional safety data supplied by the company and before even the published end date for the original Phase 2/3 trials.

We await your urgent response. 

Wishing you well in the challenging job you have ahead.

Yours sincerely

Dr Rosamond Jones, MBBS, MD, FRCPCH, retired consultant paediatrician,

on behalf of members of CCVAC (Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council) and many others..

CCVAC members 
Professor Anthony J BrookesProfessor of Genomics and Health Data Science, University of Leicester
Professor Angus DalgleishMD, FRCP, FRACP, FRCPath, FMed Sci, Principal, Institute for Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapy (ICVI)
Professor Richard EnnosMA, PhD. Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Professor John FaircloughFRCS FFSEM, retired Honorary Consultant Surgeon
Professor Norman FentonCEng, CMath, PhD, FBCS, MIET, Professor of Risk Information Management, Queen Mary University of London
Prof Anthony FryerPhD, FRCPath, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, Keele University 
Professor David LivermoreBSc, PhD, retired Professor of Medical Microbiology
Professor Dennis McGonaglePhD, FRCPI, Consultant Rheumatologist, University of Leeds
Professor Karol SikoraMA, MBBChir, PhD, FRCR, FRCP, FFPM, Honorary Professor of Professional Practice, Buckingham University
Professor Roger WatsonFRCP Edin, FRCN, FAAN, Professor of Nursing
Professor Keith WillisonPhD, Professor of Chemical Biology, Imperial College, London
Lord MoonieMBChB, MRCPsych, MFCM, MSc, retired member of the House of Lords, former parliamentary under-secretary of state 2001-2003, former consultant in Public Health Medicine
Mr Shiraz AkramBDS, Dental Surgeon
Dr Sonia AllumMBChB, FRCA, Consultant anaesthetist
Dr Victoria AndersonMBChB, MRCGP, MRCPCH, DRCOG, General Practitioner
Julie AnnakinRN, Immunisation Specialist Nurse
Dr Abby AstleMBBChir, BA(Cantab), DCH, DGM, MRCGP, GP Principal, GP Trainer, GP Examiner
Helen AuburnDip ION MBANT NTCC CNHC RNT, registered Nutritional Therapist
Dr Elyse Baril-GuerardMD, CCFP, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Ian Barros D’SaBM, MRCS, FRCR, PGCMEd, Consultant Radiologist
Dr Michael BazlintonMBCHB MRCGP DCH, General Practitioner
Dr David BellMBBS, PhD, FRCP(UK), Public Health Physician
Dr Mark A BellMBChB, MRCP(UK), FRCEM, Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Dr Michael D BellMBChB, MRCGP, retired General Practitioner
Dr Alan BlackMBBS, MSc, DipPharmMed, retired Pharmaceutical Physician
Dr David BrambleMBChB, MRCPsych, MD, Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Gillian BreeseBSc, MB ChB, DFFP, DTM&H, General Practitioner
Dr Emma BrierlyMBBS, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Kim BullFoundation Degree in Paramedic Science, Paramedic
Mr John BunniMBChB (Hons), Dip Lap Surg, FRCS [ASGBI Medal] – Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon
Dr Elizabeth BurtonMB ChB, retired General Practitioner
Dr David CartlandMBChB, BMedSci, General practitioner
Dr Peter ChanBM, MRCS, MRCGP, NLP, General Practitioner, Functional medicine
Dr  Marco Chiesa,MD, FRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist, Visiting Professor
Michael CockayneMSc, PGDip, SCPHNOH, BA, RN, Occupational Health Practitioner
Dr Julie CoffeyMBChB, General Practitioner
John CollisRN, Specialist Nurse Practitioner, retired
Mr Ian F ComaishMA, BM BCh, FRCOphth, FRANZCO, Consultant Ophthalmologist
James CookNHS Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing (Hons), Master of Public Health
Dr Clare CraigBMBCh, FRCPath, Diagnostic Pathologist
Dr David CritchleyBSc, PhD in Pharmacology, Senior Clinical Pharmacologist
Dr Sue de LacyMBBS MRCGP AFMCP UK, Integrative Medicine Doctor
Dr Matthew Dennison MBBS, MRCGP, Dip IBLM, General Practitioner
Dr Jayne LM DoneganMBBS, DRCOG, DCH, DFFP, MRCGP, Homeopathic Practitioner
Dr Damien DowningMBBS, MRSB, private physician
Dr Jonathan EastwoodBSc MB ChB MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Jonathan EnglerMBChB, LlB (hons), DipPharmMed
Dr Elizabeth EvansMA(Cantab), MBBS, DRCOG, retired Doctor, Director UKMFA
Dr Christopher ExleyPhD FRSB, retired professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry
Dr John Flack  BPharm, PhD, retired Director of Safety Evaluation at Beecham Pharmaceuticals, retired Senior Vice-president for Drug Discovery SmithKline Beecham
Dr Charles ForsythMBBS, BSEM, Independent Medical Practitioner
Dr Simon FoxBSc, BMBCh, FRCP, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine
Dr Sheena FraserMBChB, MRCGP (2003), Dip BSLM, General Practitioner
Dr Jenny GoodmanMA, MBChB, Ecological Medicine
Dr Ali HaggettMental health community work, 3rd sector, former lecturer in the history of medicine
David HalpinMB BS FRCS, Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon (retired)
Dr Catherine HattonMBChB, General Practitioner
Mr Anthony HintonMBChB, FRCS, Consultant ENT surgeon, London
Dr Renée HoenderkampfGeneral Practitioner
Dr Andrew IsaacMB BCh, Physician, retired
Dr Steve JamesMBBS, MA, FRCA, FFICM, Critical Care Consultant
Dr Keith JohnsonBA, DPhil (Oxon), IP Consultant for Diagnostic Testing
Dr Pauline JonesMBBS, Retired General Practitioner
Dr Ancha Bala JoofMBChB, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Tim KellyMBBCh, BSc, NHS doctor
Dr Gemma KempMBBS, FRCPath, Consultant Forensic Pathologist
Dr Tanya KlymenkoPhD, FHEA, FIBMS, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Dr Charles LaneMA, DPhil, Molecular Biologist
Dr Caroline LapworthGeneral Practitioner
Dr Branko LatinkicBSc, PhD, Molecular Biologist
Dr Theresa LawrieMBBCh, PhD, Director, Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd, Bath
Dr Jason LesterMRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr Felicity LillingstoneIMD DHS PhD ANP, Doctor, Urgent Care, Research Fellow
Dr Joseph LinghamMBBS, Medical Practitioner
Mr Malcolm LoudonMBChB, MD, FRCSEd, FRCS(Gen Surg), MIHM,VR, Consultant Surgeon
Katherine MacGilchristBSc (Hons), MSc, CEO/Systematic Review Director, Epidemica Ltd
Dr Geoffrey MaidmentMBBS, MD, FRCP, Consultant physician, retired
Mr Ahmad K MalikFRCS(Tr & Orth) Dip Med Sport, Consultant Trauma &  Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Ayiesha MalikMBChB, General Practitioner
Dr Imran MalikMBBS, MRCP, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Kulvinder Singh ManikMBBS, General Practitioner
Dr Fiona MartindaleMBChB, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Julie MaxwellMBBCh, MRCPCH, Associate Specialist Community Paediatrician
Dr S McBrideBSc(Hons) Medical Microbiology & Immunobiology, MBBCh BAO, MSc in Clinical Gerontology, MRCP(UK), FRCEM, FRCP(Edinburgh). NHS Emergency Medicine & geriatrics
Mr Ian McDermottMBBS, MS, FRCS(Tr&Orth), FFSEM(UK), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Scott McLachlanFAIDH, MCSE, MCT, DSysEng, LLM, MPhil, Postdoctoral researcher
Dr Manjul MedhiMBChB MRCP DTM&H, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine
Dr Franziska MeuschelMD, ND, PhD, LFHom, BSEM, Nutritional, Environmental and Integrated Medicine
Dr Graham MilneMBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, General Practitioner
Dr Scott MitchellMBChB, MRCS, Emergency Medicine Physician
Dr Alan MordueMBChB, FFPH. Retired Consultant in Public Health Medicine & Epidemiology
Dr David MorrisMBChB, MRCP(UK), General Practitioner
Margaret MossMA(Cantab), CBiol, MRSB, Director, The Nutrition and Allergy Clinic, Cheshire
Dr Claire MottramBSc Hons, MBChB, Doctor in General Practice
Dr Alice MurkiesMD, FRACGP, MBBS, General Practitioner
Dr Greta MushetMBChB, MRCPsych, retired Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy
Dr Angela MussoMD, MRCGP, DRCOG, FRACGP, MFPC, General Practitioner
Dr Sarah MyhillMBBS, retired GP and Naturopathic Physician
Mr Colin NataliBSc(hons) MBBS, FRCS (Orth), Consultant Spinal Surgeon
Dr Chris NewtonPhD, Biochemist working in immuno-metabolism
Dr Rachel NichollPhD, Medical researcher
Dr Richard J O’SheaMBBCh, BA(Hons) MRCGP, General Practitioner
Sue Parker Hallcertified transactional analyst (CTA, psychotherapy); MSc (Counselling & Supervision) MBACP (senior accredited  practitioner); EMDR practitioner, Psychotherapist
Dr Dean PattersonMBChB, FRCP, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Christina PeersMBBS, DRCOG, DFSRH, FFSRH, Menopause specialist 
Rev Dr William J U PhilipMB ChB, MRCP, BD, Senior Minister The Tron Church, Glasgow, formerly physician specialising in cardiology
Anna PhillipsRSCN, BSc Hons, Clinical Lead Trainer Clinical Systems (Paediatric Intensive Care)
Dr Angharad PowellMBChB, BSc (hons), DFRSH, DCP (Ireland), DRCOG, DipOccMed, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Gerry QuinnPhD. Postdoctoral researcher in microbiology and immunology
Dr Johanna ReillyMBBS, General Practitioner
Jessica RighartMSc, MIBMS, Senior Critical Care Scientist
Mr Angus RobertsonBSc, MB ChB, FRCSEd (Tr & Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Jessica RobinsonBSc(Hons), MBBS, MRCPsych, MFHom, Psychiatrist and Integrative Medicine Doctor
Dr Susannah RobinsonMBBS, BSc, MRCP, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Jon RogersMB ChB (Bristol), Retired General Practitioner
Mr James RoyleMBChB, FRCS, MMedEd, Colorectal surgeon
Dr Salmaan SaleemMBBS, BMedSci, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Roland SalmonMB BS, MRCGP, FFPH, Former Director, Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre Wales
Sorrel ScottGrad Dip Phys, Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology, 30 years in NHS
Dr Rohaan SethBSc (hons), MBChB (hons), MRCGP, Retired General Practitioner
Dr Haleema SheikhMRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Gary Sidleyretired NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Annabel SmartMBBS, BSc, retired General Practitioner
Dr Magdalena Stasiak-HorkanMBBS, MRCGP (2017), DCH, General Practitioner
Natalie StephensonBSc (Hons) Paediatric Audiologist
Dr Zenobia StorahMA (Oxon), Dip Psych, DClinPsy, Senior Clinical Psychologist (Child and Adolescent)
Marco Tullio SuadoniRN, BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing, MSc, Specialist Palliative Care Lead
Dr Mashhood SyedMBChB, DRCOG, MRCGP(2018), LFHom(Med)
Dr Noel ThomasMA, MBChB, DCH, DObsRCOG, DTM&H, MFHom, retired doctor
Dr Stephen TingMB CHB, MRCP, PhD, Consultant Physician
Dr Julian TompkinsonMBChB MRCGP, General Practitioner, GP trainer PCME
Suzanne TomkinsonBSc, MSc, CSci, FIBMS, Senior Biomedical Scientist (Clinical Biochemistry)
Dr Livia Tossici-BoltPhD, Clinical Scientist
Dr Fodhla TreacyMBBS, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Dr Helen WestwoodMBChB, MRCGP, DCH, DRCOG, General Practitioner
Dr Carmen WheatleyDPhil, Orthomolecular Oncology
Mr Lasantha WijesingheFRCS, Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Dr Damian WildePhD, (Chartered) Specialist Clinical Psychologist
Dr Ruth WildeMB BCh, MRCEM, AFMCP, Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctor
Dr Lucie WilkMD, Rheumatologist
Dr Stefanie WilliamsMD, Dermatologist
Dr Holly YoungBSc, MBChB, MRCP, Consultant Palliative Care Medicine
Dr Ruqia ZafarMBChB, MRCGP, General Practitioner
Other signatoriesHealth professionals and scientists
Sophie GidetRM, Midwife
Zuzana Herbst MantonRegistered Nurse
Dr M SyedaGeneral Practitioner, MRCGP
Jane Philebrown RGN, Triage/Practice Nurse
CharlotteOccupational Therapist
Rachelle brownPhysiotherapist
Caroline BrightRegistered Nurse-Theatres
Jonathan ClearyMBBS, MRCGP, FRACGP, FACRRM. General Practitioner
Josephine TuckerSRN (retired)  and UKCP registered Psycotherapist (Self Employed)
Cristina GastaldiAcupuncture Pain Clinic
Kelly AllenSenior Nursing Sister RNC
Suki ClarkeMidwife
EmmaMaternity HCA
JaneHealth Visitor Registered Nurse
Joanna BarkerRMN
Nikki TapalPhlebotomy manager
Natalia DayNurse
Dr Ross C WorthingtonSports Medicine, BM BCh
Kellie MorrissSenior Health Care Assistant/Student NA
Amanda CairnsSCPHN MSc (OH)
Cassandra HamiltonStudent Nurse
Ellen CalteauRegistered Dietitian HCPC registered
Trudy GriffithsCare and support worker
Julie TaskerComplementary Therapist and retired Tutor
Jeanne Van der WeydenOccupational Health Nurse, Certificate in Tropical Diseases, Midwife (not practising)
Rosie RobertsPharmacy Technician
Ameena LewisNHS Bloods Transport
Dr Neil K GibbsBSc MPhil PhD FRSB, Biomedical Scientist 
Dr Paul SeddonBSc, MBBS, DCH, DRCOG, DOccMed, MRCGP, General practitioner
Charlotte GowersOccupational Therapist
Dr Graham MilneMBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, General Practitioner
Dare MasonPsychotherapist, DipPsych, BSc
Paula CharnleyPsychotherapist
Dr Christian BucklandPsychotherapist, Psych(D), UKCP, MBACP, MUPCA
Vanessa ChurchillChiropractor/Homeopath, BSc (Chiro) DC LHM
Hilary HullTherapy Radiographer
Louise PriestmanRegistered Nurse
Vicky NorrisCarer
David NashRegistered Nurse
Dr Rajendra SharmaMB BCh BAO LRCP&S(Ire) MFHom, Private Physician.
Raine MarshallMental health nurse
Samantha LomasCounsellor
Stephen JonesOccupational Therapist. BHSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
Fiona CrowhurstRetired Registered General Nurse
Lynette DalyRetired Midwife
Janice GiddyBA Hons Counselling. Retired staff counsellor NHS
Dr Kevin P CorbettRetired RN and PhD health scientist
Dr Robert John DurlingDental Surgeon
Kim Griffin 
Veronica De LucaSenior Nurse/Sister
Debbie WellsCardiac associate practitioner
Nadina HoldenRN Adult & NICU Specialist BSc Hons
Sally Johns Green MBACPCounsellor/Play therapist, Diploma in Professional Studies
ElaineHaematology Sister
Brian Howard D.O.Osteopath
Iain McWilliam LeithRetired GP then independent doctor
Ann Helena RobinsonHCA MRI and CT Scanning
Dr Emma Gillett DCChiropractor
Mrs Susan StanleySRN, SCM, (Retired Midwife)
Christina SpyratouSpecialist Registrar in Urology
Dr Anne Catherine PriestleyRetired NHS GP MB BS, MRCP (UK).
Julia JacquesStaff nurse
Catherine TurnerChartered Physiotherapist
Lucia BrunoNursing Associate
KerryDental Nurse
JuliaRN Adult Nurse
Claire BuchananStaff nurse, DipHE nursing (child)
Rachel SimpsonSenior I MR/CT Radiographer – BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography
Tiziana BertinottiDoctor of TCM, Acupuncture Clinician, BHSc (Acu), BA (Hons), PGCE
HeatherOccupational Therapist
Jannah van der PolGeneral Practitioner
Tony RippingSenior Mental Health Practitioner (RMN)
Dr Jessica EnglerTrainee GP, MBChB, BSc (Hons)
Sarah WatersPsychotherapist
Damien CominosParamedic
Penny SennerRegistered adult nurse. District nursing
Joanne HillRegistered Nurse, staff nurse NHS
Hannah JanuszczykPharmacist
Ela BuzaljkoTrainee Nurse Assistant
June TranmerAcupuncturist – member of AAC
Jacqui CragoRadiographer. BAppSc (Medical Imaging)
Carol Fitzroy-BentLead Pharmacy Technician, BTech Pharmaceutical Sciences
Margaret StroudBDS, BSc (Hons)
Karen MooreRegistered Nurse
Joanne LeeDip NT
Nichola DaviesRMN BSc Mental Health Nursing
Dr Richard ScreenEmergency Medicine Doctor, MBChB, BSc (Hons)
Diane DoodySocial prescriber
Helen HardwickSpecialist Nurse Critical Care, Bsc(Hons)Nursing Studies, Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Evphi KalkanteraParkinsons Nurse Specialist
Allison NichollsRegistered mental health nurse
Christine CampbellCommunity nurse Degree
Sue CookClinic Director
Dr Helen McArdleGeneral Practitioner, BSc (Hons) MBChB (Hons) MRCP, MRCGP, DRCOG, DipDerm
Mandy Sparks 
Suzanne Barlow 
Olivia Hene 
Yasmeen IslamSenior Staff Nurse
Fr Giles PinnockLead Hospital Chaplain
David WhiteMBChB retired GP
Emily WhewellPaediatric Nurse
Danielle Jayne LowesParamedic
Alan BairdRetired dentist, BDS
Theresa MounseyRegistered Midwife
Dave MillardMental health nurse
Dr Azeezah IsaacsDentist BChD
Charles AbduraghmaanDentist, BChD
Robert LarocheRegistered nurse
Kate HattonNurse Advisor RN, SCPHN
Ioana PelicanGeneral dental practitioner
Dr SaloniConsultant, MBBCh, PhD, BSc
Annabel Acheson-GrayPhysiotherapist in private practice
Lisa WaddStroke Specialist, SLT BSc
Tim GreenPhD Biochemist
Paul AscouParamedic
Gabriella HollandStudent of Naturopathic Nutrition
Jane FeeneyChild & Family Psychotherapist, MA psych
Ishah JohnsBand 6 Paediatric Nurse
Wendy BabbidgeStaff Nurse
Louise FergusonHealth Visitor – Specialist Community Public Health Nurse
Dr John HarrisonPhD, FDSRCSEng, FRCPath, Retired Consultant Pathologist
Claire E AdamRegistered nurse, BSc (Hons)
AlicjaMSc BioChem, ANutr
Dr John IsaacsMBChB, retired General Practitioner
Julia HortonAdministrator, NHS trust
Jonathan BroughtonSurgical care practitioner, registered Nurse BSC MSC
Allan Frederick RogersSenior Occupational Therapist, BSc (Hons)
Andrew WiddringtonClinical lead, sedationist, dental surgeon, BDS PGDip Sed
Jane LameyRetired District Nurse and Practice Nurse.
Helen Mary Hedderman 
Shereena HamiltonMental Health Support Worker
Justine Millard-CaseRegistered General Nurse
Julieann CurrieRNLD, RSCN
Sarah ThorpeParamedic
Christine GristAdult Nurse DipHE
Demetrios Jimmy PellasRegistered nurse, independent Prescriber
Richard House, PhD, CPsycholChartered psychologist (BPS), retired Senior University Lecturer in Psychology (Roehampton) and psychotherapist
Anna DucharmeRetired General Practitioner
Helen AuburnNutritional therapist Dip ION
Susan BedfordSpecialist Nurse, RGN
Magdalena Stasiak-horkanGeneral Practitioner
Fiona JonesBSc(hons) DipPreSci PGCert Med Ed, FRPharmS, Retired Clinical Pharmacist
Carolyn PoluninIntegrative Psychotherapist MSc in Private Practice
Simona PanaitescuPsychologist
Joyce KillerbyRetired Registered General  Nurse
Dr Ada Nelson-IyeMBChB
Michelle MasonMental Health Nurse RMN
Sheena FraserGeneral Practitioner
Natalie HardyPharmacy Technician NVQ 3 in Pharmacy Services
Mariana Ferreira ds Silva e SousaPhysiotherapist
Kristina ThistlethwaiteDental care professional
W Gordon BrydonRetired Clinical Scientist PhD
Karen ThompsonStaff Nurse RGN
Nicholas Peter LeeDirector and RGN (OH SCPHN), BN (Hons), BSc (Hons)
Isabella Jane Ruth WatsonSRN SCM (retired)
Vasileios GrigoriouRGN
Miss K Hickenmidwife and licensed acupuncturist.
Anne RenfrewMB,ChB retired obstetrician/gynaecologist and general practitioner
Simon WilliamsRetired Doctor
Nigel AddisonSpecialist Nurse Practitioner RGN, DipOH, MHSc
Andrew Philip WalkerBDS retired general dental practitioner
Philip AustinAdministration
LisaOccupational therapist
Alex BakerAdult Nurse
Maria CapriMidwife
Sunita KarnikSpeech & Language Therapist (retired)
John SherwoodPharmacist BPharm MRPHARMS
AnnaSpecialist Occupational Therapist
Hannah BarsonOccupational Therapist
Samantha LeesClinical Nurse Specialist RMN
Kelly EdwardsRegistered Children’s Nurse
Joanna HarrisonNeuro Occupational Therapist Grad Diploma
Naomi RiddelCAMHS Consultant Psychiatrist, BSc, MSc, MBBCh, MRCPsych
Elissa HarperStaff Nurse
Dr Hugh PollardRetired GP. MB BS DRCOG
Lisa McGrowMidwife
Helen WoodOccupational therapist
Janina IszattRGN
Anna Marie MacdooNursing
Maria HortonOccupational Therapist (BSc hons)
Wendy Kellettretired graduate nurse
Dr Ricky FreemanBM, General Practitioner
Maud MalonePodiatrist
Dr Stephen MounceResearch Fellow, Expert in modelling, data science, RT-PCR
Stuart GuyHMHW, M(Res), RN – Lecturer in Nursing
Andrea HalewoodPsychotherapist, BACP
Dr Ross WorthingtonBM BCh retired General Practitioner
Dr Miles DavidsonMBChB,  General Practitioner  PCN Vaccination Lead
Dr Stuart MorganGeneral Practitioner, MBBS
Mr Colin PetherickFDS, MBBCh, Oral Surgeon
Sandra MarksSRN SCM RHV, Rtd Health Visitor
Fiona MurdochPSA registered Acupuncturist
Anne JebbChartered Physiotherapist
Luke JezephNutritional Therapist BANT CNHC Dip CNM
Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVSVeterinarian and human practitioner
Sarah SilverLevel II Health & Nutrition
Nicola MasseyNutritional Consultant
Damien Bush MRCVSDirector, Downs Veterinary Practice Ltd. RCVS Recignised Advanced Practitioner Small Animal Surgery
Claire WainwrightSenior Biomedical Scientist (retired)
Rosemary PoppittRegistered Nurse, Registered Midwife, BA Hons (retired)
Ann MillsRetired nurse
Poppy BagleyRegistered Children’s Nurse
Dr Aileen O’Kane 
David PhillipsDentist,BDS Wales 1986
Millicent Rose MairsHealthcare Assistant
G FairlyBN Adult Nursing Oncology
Dr David Owen YatesGeneral Practitioner
Rowena FelipeCNS for ACS/Angina
Judith HaldenSpeech and language therapist
Mary Jane LauiganOncology research nurse
L MolinaPaediatric Coordinator/Nurse
Sara DaleHomeopath – Advanced diploma in Homeopathy
Abigail DrewBiomedical Scientist
Dr Michael Russell EvansMB ChB (Bristol) General Practitioner
Amanda HenningPractice Nurse

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