I can’t forgive and they make it impossible to forget

Authoritarianism is the gift that keeps on giving

E-mail published with permission from an anonymous parent / supporter of HART.

Today I am seething. 

I am a member of my street WhatsApp group. You know the ones – so and so has a missing cat, so and so has a fridge to give away etc. In the next instalment of I’m not a totalitarian, get me out of here, one concerned citizen is now peddling a petition calling for surveillance cameras to be installed in the local playground. Apparently this is due to local youths convening there sometimes. To have, you know, some fun after the two years of their lives they wasted locked up at home, unable to socialise. Leaving aside the fact that nothing has actually happened to warrant turning the local playground into an open prison, I noticed my utter rage at this suggestion and had to interrogate why this was. 

This individual in question – an NHS manager no less – was one of the worst culprits for pushing every insane policy of 2020 and 2021. A quick recap of the things they publicly and repeatedly advocated for (their own children included):

  • Masking children for 2 years straight (with no evidence); 
  • Locking them up at home;
  • Closing schools;
  • Telling them they were dangerous vectors of disease (even though they were perfectly healthy);
  • Repeatedly testing them for non-existent disease; 
  • Injecting them with experimental drugs without any informed consent.

I am a mere layman I admit, but this reads like a bucket list of abhorrent child abuse. If you came across this in 2019, you would be calling social services tout suite to report a case of Munchausen by proxy. In South Korea, children are not allowed in many bars and restaurants because they are ‘noisy and annoying’. I am not at all persuaded by the ‘it could never happen here’ mantra after the last 3 years of moronic groupthink. 

To me, this person is far more dangerous than some youths in a playground, jumping on The Next Thing with a speed that makes Usain Bolt look like he’s been at the ketamine. With the rapid encroachment of something that feels distinctly totalitarian in flavour, I see this individual now as an outright danger to my own children’s future freedoms. A menace to society, unwittingly doing the bidding of evil enterprises whilst beaming radioactive virtue. It is as scary as it is disorientating. I am also ashamed of my own cowardice. I have no appetite to pick another fight so soon after round one (lockdown), given how pointless and unrewarding it was. The wilful blindness just marches on. 

Just because an entire society did something grotesque, it does not make it excusable. No one is admitting to the younger generation that what was done to them was harmful and wrong. And that is why I am so angry about the playground. These urban kids live in small flats with no garden like our virtuous NHS manager. How about we just leave them alone to live their lives with a modicum of privacy and let them recover from the trauma of collective insanity? 

Never mind surveillance cameras – they deserve full, heart-felt apologies for the horrors enacted on them by the so-called adults in the room. 

End of Rant.

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