Have people died from ‘long covid’?

Could that explain excess mortality?

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The deniers of vaccine harm have only two ways of addressing the excess death problem. They either deny that it exists or try to blame it on covid or ‘long covid’. HART have previously addressed why covid is not an adequate explanation for the problem because the timing of the non-covid excess has been synchronous in places that had no significant covid until 2022. The same argument applies for long covid. However, the claim that people have died of long covid lingers.

The CDC carried out an audit of death certificates mentioning long covid or any of a large list of synonyms for it. They found 3,500 such deaths in the USA from January 2020 to June 2022. They failed to investigate the time from diagnosis to death which is a great shame given how few there were to investigate. However, we can get a feel for the answer based on the timing of the deaths overall which follow covid waves with a lag of about 1 to 2 months. 

Based on their data, long covid accounted for 6 deaths per million people for the year ending June 2022. Extrapolating to the UK this works out at only 390 deaths in total which is far too few to explain the tens of thousands of excess non-covid deaths seen that year.

It is notable that those dying had an even older age profile than for covid deaths which is not what we see in the excess mortality. 

Post-viral syndromes have always been with us, likely will always be with us and can be very debilitating. What the CDC have demonstrated here looks more like evidence of some people dying within weeks of infection rather than explaining large numbers dying months or years later.

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