Pick of the Week – 17 May 2024

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Public letter to President Biden from 49 Senators 1 May 2024

All 49 Republican Senators have written to President Biden calling on him to reject the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty and all the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. 

Bigoted psychologists hound colleague who questioned social justice agenda – The Conservative Woman, 11 April 2024

The questioning of certain ideologies will not be tolerated. Certainly not within the psychology profession. You would imagine that experts working in this field might actually be qualified to comment on the psychological impact of the indoctrination of children within an educational setting on identity, sex and gender. This account details the hounding of Dr Kirsty Miller for daring to put her head above the parapet. To not be allowed to debate a topic is very dangerous ground and we need to see collective pushback from anyone who understands what is at stake if we allow these things to continue to happen. Societal totalitarianism is the natural end point here if we allow this kind of witch hunt to slide.   

The fictional “lives saved” – Thinking Coalition Substack, 15 May 2024 

This article pulls apart the mathematical absurdity that the AZ vaccine saved millions of lives. Obviously leaving aside those perfectly healthy younger adults that it killed. But never mind all that bothersome detail! The latest rubbish came from Jacob Rees-Mogg, who recently claimed that the AstraZeneca vaccines “saved 6.5 million lives. 

This article delves into the circular maths based on rubbish assumptions and is worth a read, if only to remind ourselves of the nonsense of the models used to peddle products to an unsuspecting and trusting general public. 

Behavioural Science at its Worst – Dr David Seedhouse, The Daily Sceptic, 14 May 2024

‘The idea that you can separate behavioural science from politics & ethics shows lack of knowledge of all three disciplines.’

Excellent critique of prominent nudgers’ desperate attempts to defend their role in the covid debacle, by Prof David Seedhouse

Doctors on the pharma payroll – Tom Jefferson & Carl Heneghan

A number of celebrity doctors who played a prominent role in promoting covid vaccines have received large sums from the pharmaceutical industry since. Paid celebrity promotion of medicines is illegal.

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