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🔗 The Lockdown files message is clear: we must never again suppress democracy by giving power to power-hungry people Carl Heneghan & Tom Jefferson, 5th March

Overlooked from last month, this excellent overview of much of what has gone wrong over the last 4 years. Well worth a read if you missed it. 

🔗 The shadowy group responsible for imposing masks on the UK  Gary Sidley, 31st March

Who were the key actors responsible for imposing community masking on the British people in May/June 2020? In a presentation to the Common Knowledge group in Edinburgh, HART member Dr Gary Sidley presents a forensic analysis that reveals the expert group that was culpable for the UK mask mandates, arguably the most blatant flip-flop in public health history.

🔗 Is the antiviral drug Paxlovid a dud? Maryanne Demasi, 8th April

At $1500 per course it would need to be really good to achieve value for money, but looking at the very limited efficacy and the high rebound date, a ‘dud’ just about sums it up. President Biden allotted $10 million to purchase supplies before it had even been authorised which must make it harder to say, “you know what, this expensive new drug turns out to be pretty useless”. The only thing to be said for Paxlovid is that it has a better safety profile than the mRNA vaccines. 

🔗 Doctor advocates for her patients John Campbell interviews Dr Melissa McCann, YouTube, 4th April 2024

Well worth listening to this interview with Queensland GP, Mel McCann, who has organised a class action for Covid vaccine injured against the Australian government, the TGA and other officials. Meanwhile, her critics have reported her and she has been required to undertake ‘re-education’.

🔗 Protests in Japan James Roguski, Substack, 13th April 2024

Widespread protests were held in several Japanese cities against the proposed WHO pandemic treaty changes, with an opening speech by Professor Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School, who also recorded a speech a couple of days earlier here.

🔗 HOT! Today Dutch Parliament Votes to Instruct the Government to Demand a Delay in both WHO votes–and if no delay, to vote against the proposals Meryl Nass, Substack, 16th April 2024

This is big, especially following on from the protests in Japan at the weekend. Holland is the first parliament in Western Europe to rein in their government. Several other countries have expressed reservations, including members of the Pan-African Epidemic and Pandemic Working Group but it is still not clear whether this will be enough to force the WHO into retreat. Look also at The Road to Geneva Citizens Convoy due to converge at the WHO building on 1st June

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