Pick of the Week: 29/03/2024

This week’s selection of articles

🔗 The Curious Case of Hydroxychloroquine: Professor Robert Clancy, Quadrant Online, 5th March 2024

This article is based on a talk Robert Clancy gave at a conference entitled “Medicine at the Crossroads in the Covid Era”. In seeking for a theme for his talk he decided, “few topics could be more relevant than threats to the doctor-patient relationship, and to science-based medicine seen in the Covid pandemic. So I chose “The Curious Tale of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)” as a metaphor for the distortion Covid imposed on clinical practice, driven by misinformation aimed at supporting a flawed narrative originating from the highest sources of medical influence.” 

As a clinical immunologist of 40 years’ experience, Robert Clancy has written approximately 20,000 prescriptions for HCQ without any observed major side effects, so is well placed to speak on this topic. The article details the initial promise for early Covid-19 treatment using HCQ and its subsequent trashing. At one point in Queensland a physician could face imprisonment for prescribing off-label HCQ but it has now quietly been added back onto a list of drugs which physicians can prescribe if they deem appropriate. Meanwhile in the US, the FDA under legal challenge has removed the embargo on use of ivermectin, another cheap readily available drug with significant antiviral properties, especially when given early in any disease.  Both of these drugs have potential for other viral infections too but have got caught up in the covid narrative. 

As Professor Clancy says, “the fate of HCQ is a story about switching decision-making in medicine from a core of experienced clinicians familiar with local needs, to powerful global political and commercial interests.” 

🔗 Devi Sridhar’s Mask Gobbledegook on Full Display at the Covid Inquiry Gary Sidley, Daily Sceptic, 22nd March 2024

This is a must read for some memorable quotes including “the absurd claim of Professor Trish Greenhalgh that science is the “enemy of good policy.” or National Health Director Professor Jason Leitch saying of the mask rules, “where there was of course nuance around the guidance and the rules, and this I think was one of those occasions: when you were at a dinner, eating and drinking, and somebody approached you… I think this was a tricky area that I found tricky as well.” 

🔗 Massive German document release sheds still more light on the entire Covid farce, as if any more light were needed Eugyppius, Substack, 24th March

Another successful release of information, this time from the Robert Koch Institute, confirms that German policy makers were, behind closed doors, discussing the same topics as lower covid risk, other consequences of lockdowns, lack of efficacy of community masking and lack of evidence for restrictions on the unvaccinated. All topics for which ‘outsiders’ were being vilified or censored. And all of which were completely ignored when imposing draconian policies on the German people. 

As Eugyppius gloomily concludes, “The worst thing is that nothing will come of this, and nothing will come of the still greater revelations likely to follow either.”

🔗 Tractors in Westminster: Watch live as farmers protest in London: Jack Burgess & Hamzah Abbas, BBC News, 25th March

Farmers’ protests have been growing across Europe. The British public are also beginning to wake up to the concept of ‘No Farmers, No Food’. The BBC covered the protest live, and in a distinctly positive tone, totally unlike its coverage of any protests against the covid narrative.

The tractors have done a few laps of Parliament Square as they approach the end of today’s protest. Their musical horn honks have been greeted with applause and cheers from the crowd that has gathered here in Westminster.

Some are even dancing; it’s a crowd in full support of the farmers here today. One woman shouted: “we love our farmers and we love our food”. Each passing tractor is being greeted with further applause.”

The wellie boots protest outside the Sennedd was also shown in the same news item.

A quick look on Google Images shows how this message is gaining ground.

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