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🔗 Serious Problems Remain: A Complete Guide to the New Draft Amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations Dr David Bell & Dr Thi Thuy Van Dinh, Daily Sceptic, 27th April 2024

Maybe UsforThem and HART were too hasty publishing some wins in the latest draft International Health Regulations. Do read this much more detailed account by HART member and Public Health Physician David Bell and colleague. Even though some of the changes are to be welcomed, there is still much to cause concern and still a rush to a vote at the World Health Assembly in May which contravenes their own requirement for a minimum of four months between publication of the draft and a vote upon it. It is to be hoped that the Dutch representative and others stick to their demand for a delay, also included in HART’s Pick of the Week. 

Further alarm bells have been rung by James Roguski in an article entitled, What the Hell is Going On? In which he links to a leaked document which: “CALLS UPON all States and regional economic integration organizations entitled to do so, to consider signing, ratifying, accepting, approving, formally confirming or acceding to the Agreement at the earliest opportunity, with a view to bringing the Agreement into force as soon as possible;” (Part 1, paragraph 3)  It also in Part 3, paragraph 8.3 DECIDES: “to request the Director-General to convene, as early as possible and no later than 15 June 2024, a PABS preparatory committee, composed of independent experts… and to submit its report to the Director-General no later than 15 September 2024”. 

PABS in this report is the Pathogen Access and Benefit-Sharing System. The reader must decide whether the ‘Benefit-Sharing’ likely involves sharing of health benefits or simply sharing more profits.

🔗 Covid Vaccines – The Devastating Health Crisis in the Channel Islands & Around the World – Webinar, Guernsey, Channel islands

Well worth watching this webinar hosted in Guernsey but with a panel of international speakers. It was chaired by Senator Ron Johnson who asked many insightful questions too. There were excellent presentations from three cardiologists, a pathologist, an oncologist and an emergency medicine doctor. Several of the speakers had personally experienced not only censorship but also job losses.

🔗 The Three Rs of Fear Messaging in a Global Pandemic: Recommendations, Ramifications and Remediation Laura Dodsworth, Substack, 26th April 2024

Well worth a read, pulling a lot of strands together, particularly highlighting a lot of the recent U-turns by some members of SPI-B and SAGE trying to put all the blame for the fear mongering onto the politicians and conveniently forgetting their own advice. Worryingly we can see some of this gearing up again for Disease X or Avian Flu or whatever takes their fancy next.

🔗 BBC World at One 30th April 2024, from 22 minutes 

After a recent long feature article in the Mail, with harrowing vignettes of several families devastated by death or serious injury, it is certainly a step forward to see some coverage on the BBC, if only radio 4. 

Sarah Montague interviews Kate Scott, whose husband James suffered a life-changing injury following an AstraZeneca (AZ)  vaccine in 2021. He is one of two people initially suing AZ for damages, the other being Charlotte Wright, whose husband Stephen died of the same complication. Many other people are also joining the legal action. 

Whilst the item started with the inevitable, “AstraZeneca vaccination is estimated to have saved 6 million lives worldwide”, it went on to air a respectful and serious conversation, including the 60% disability requirement to receive any payment at all, and the problem of a £120,000 cap even for a young adult with now lifelong major disability needing full time care, such as James Scott. Their MP also took part in the discussion. 

How long will it take before the legacy media also wake up to the injuries caused by mRNA vaccines? There is a danger that AstraZeneca is being used as the fall guy, while the mRNA technology continues to be heralded as the game changing in this lead news item from only 4 days earlier.

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