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HART bulletin now also available in orange

As the walls close in with an increasingly Orwellian One Party online world, we thought it wise to diversify.

Analytics have shown us that HART is being completely choked on Twitter to the point of a Potteresque invisibility cloak. It therefore seems unwise to waste too much energy on this platform. Much like agreeing to a game of tennis blind-folded with your hands tied behind your back, it could be deemed, a priori, pointless.

We therefore would ask you all to subscribe to our new substack in case of any website shenanigans. We have exported our entire archive of articles to this platform and in fact the layout and search functions are somewhat superior to our WordPress website.

The substack address is:

We would be extremely grateful if those already using substack to help disseminate our work by suggesting others in your network subscribe and share.

Although we would love to be proved wrong, it is our suspicion that things are moving in entirely the wrong direction in terms of censorship. We must therefore try to do our best to share content online whilst the avenues are still somewhat open, even if we’ve already been relegated from the information superhighway to the hard shoulder in a traffic jam.

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