The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration

Lights to guide mariners to safety or voices screaming into the void?

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In early 2023, three Australian health professionals who had all been ‘struck off’ for speaking out against their government’s pandemic response, decided they must speak up for medical ethics and freedom of debate.  They met and set up the Cape Byron Lighthouse declaration. The declaration’s four aims would have been uncontroversial only a few years ago:

  • All silencing and censorship by bureaucrats and regulators, including of experienced practitioners and scientists, must stop. There must be respect for every individual’s right to freedom of opinion and expression.
  • The right to ‘informed’ consent must be upheld – and must include being fully informed of relevant risks, as well as any benefits (proven or presumed).
  • Mandates and other forms of medical coercion are unethical – and must cease. Bodily autonomy is the inalienable right of every individual – and must be respected.
  • There is an urgent need for transparency and reform in science and medicine and to halt the increasing globalisation of public health. We demand the restoration of voice and decision power to individual practitioners – and to those they serve.

A year later, they reached out to HART and other groups to start making this a world-wide campaign. Three HART members, Drs Clare Craig, Liz Evans and Ros Jones are now so-called ‘Lighthouse Keepers’, alongside Drs Sam White and Anne McCloskey. The aim is for the public to nominate citizens in all walks of life who are prepared to speak out against censorship in all its forms.  We do not necessarily all share the same views even on covid-19, let alone on other topics – it would be a dull life if we did! But we all share the belief that human interaction and discourse is vital to any society’s wellbeing. 

Ros Neelon-Cook, one of the three founder members, has recently been interviewed by John Campbell – see COVID Psychological Manipulation: Unpacked. She very clearly covers the problem of fear interrupting critical thinking, as covered many times in various HART articles. 

We encourage HART readers to sign. And please nominate people from around the world to act as lighthouse keepers for their area. Change is in the air. 


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