The vaccine injured get their 20-minutes at the Hallett Inquiry

A long overdue moment for traumatised victims

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Last week, the Hallett Inquiry opened Module 4 on Vaccines and therapeutics.  HART, UK Medical Freedom Alliance, Perseus and the Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council had all separately applied for Core participant status and this had been rejected. However an undertaking has been given that the Inquiry’s legal team will contact these groups to ensure any questions and concerns will be raised. 

It was therefore gratifying to see that several vaccine-injury support groups have been accepted. If anyone is still in doubt about the seriousness of vaccine injuries, Anna Morris KC representing Vaccine Injured and Bereaved UK, Scottish Vaccine Injury Group and UK CV Family, spoke extremely eloquently about the failures of support, the gaslighting, the failures of postmarketing surveillance and the woeful inadequacy of the government Vaccine Injury Compensation scheme.  It is an absolute must for any doctor or politician who still thinks that vaccine injuries can be swept under the carpet. Please share this 20 minute video widely. 

HART continue to report on the poor safety profile of these vaccines here, here and here and call for their withdrawal, but it is perhaps the voice of the injured themselves, rather than scientific papers, which will eventually waken the citizens of the globe to the harms that have been meted out to them…..

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