More doctors raising concerns

Eighteen UK doctors speak out about covid vaccine concerns

A group of UK doctors, Doctors for Patients, have published a video to highlight a variety of concerns they have about the safety of covid vaccination.

Many of these doctors have promoted traditional vaccines but having witnessed increasing problems with covid vaccines they have bravely decided to speak out.

These doctors are fully aware of the risk they are taking in speaking out against the mainstream narrative which has triggered problems with employers and the GMC for other doctors who have acted similarly. However, they believe that doctors have an ethical duty to speak out where patient safety is a concern and they have stepped up to do so. Concerns range from myocarditis, menstrual irregularities, new onset asthma, heart attacks in the young and the ethics of vaccination in children and pregnant women in the absence of long term safety data.

The video montage of these doctors can be viewed in full at the bottom of the page here. SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE TO VIEW VIDEO FROM DIRECT HOSTING PLATFORM.

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