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🔗 Covid Vaccines: In response to questions regularly received about PANDA’s stance on the products known as “Covid vaccines” PANDATA, 28th November

Excellent update on PANDA’s position on the vaccines, in light of all the evidence gathered in the last year since they last published their views on these products. A particularly powerful part states unequivocally:

Had the testing not been available, and had doctors continued to treat patients with respiratory infections on an individual basis according to their presenting symptoms (consistent with decades-old practice), we do not believe that anything unusual would have been noticed, as what was happening before the “emergency” (ie nothing of note) would have continued thereafter.

🔗 Additional Countries Rejecting WHO Pandemic Treaty? Danielle, 100PercentFedUp.com, 25th November

Slovakia was the first European country to reject the amendment to Article 59 of the WHO Treaty. But they have now been joined by Estonia, and on the other side of the world New Zealand. This is an important article, as it will limit the time for rejection of any future amendments, making it harder for citizens to lobby their elected representatives. The deadline for withdrawal is 1st December but the UK government are still firmly committed to everything flowing from the WHO. So please open this link to see how to lobby your MP today. And also sign CitizenGo’s petition.

🔗 Pfizer is suing Poland over vaccines. This is how we got here Carlo Martuscelli, Politico, 22nd November:

Poland, like many countries, found itself with a glut of vaccines it didn’t want and couldn’t use, bought under a contract it had not read, signed on its behalf by the EU. So not unreasonably, it refused to pay.  But Pfizer are clearly not happy (presumably worried that if they quietly let Poland off, other countries with surpluses might notice and follow suit).

It took a while, but the bill finally came. U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is taking the Polish government to court over missing payments for 60 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with BioNTech.” The article is worth reading as it also reminds us of the murky behind the scenes messages between Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

🔗 Canada expands assisted suicide laws to allow for killing of INFANTS for profit, Ethan Huff, Natural News, 14th November

This is a chilling reminder on mission creep from assisted dying in a clinic in Switzerland where partners who had helped someone with a terminal condition and a clearly expressed  wish to die risked prosection for ‘assisting a suicide’.  Now, in Canada, even infants with severe disabilities can be euthanised. The headline regarding profit is somewhat sensational but certainly thought provoking. 

🔗 The Endless Needles of Niggle Rudolph Rigger, RiggeryPokery substack, 28th November

Read this assessment of HART’s recent Scandal of Excess Death Reporting (Or Lack Thereof). Rigger, a blogger and physics lecturer, has checked our calculations: “One thing is clear — it isn’t the unstabbed that are (primarily) responsible for this uptick in excess death”.

🔗 Ministers accused of a cover up as it is revealed shadowy army unit DID spy on British critics of Covid lockdown policies  Glen Owen, The Mail on Sunday, 25th November

It is interesting to see the Mail flip-flopping on these topics like dying fish on the dock. On 25th Nov they were happy to publish an account of the 77th Brigade’s involvement in the Counter Disinformation Unit, despite previous denials by the Defence Secretary. It is as if they had completely forgotten vilifying Dr Sarah Myhill only two days earlier with a sensational headline about ‘livestock dewormer and other potentially harmful products’. Schizophrenic editorial line. Plus ça change.

🔗 Government’s ethics committee shut down after challenging the ethical basis of key pandemic policies, Broken Custodians UsForThem, 23rd November

While investigating for their recent book, The Accountability Deficit, the Kingsley team came across a committee which was certainly unknown to HART or to the Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council. The Moral and Ethical Advisory Group (MEAG) was a pre-existing group of around 20 experts in medicine, ethics, law, social science and religion and in 2020 DHSC was asked to set up weekly meetings with them to discuss some of the likely ethical dilemmas that would arise. They were raising exactly the same ethical concerns which we at HART were raising re school closures, covid status certificates, vaccine mandates and most importantly re vaccination of children.  It is gut-wrenching to realise there were other people we should have been contacting with our letters. Where were they hiding?

🔗 Is the Mainstream Press Beginning to Turn on Bill Gates? Naked Emperor, 27th November 

Well worth sharing with any friends who are still fans of everyone’s favourite ‘philanthropist’.

🔗 Request for the direct suspension of marketing authorizations Marcel de Graf, MEP, 4th October

Eight MEPs have written a detailed letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) outlining the many shortcomings of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and demanding an immediate suspension of their authorization. 

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