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Sarah, 96, violated by a vaccinator in her own home Dr Elizabeth Evans, TCW, 29th May 2024

This very worrying case was first raised by another Bernie de Haldevang in a TNT Radio interview. It is worth listening to his account, albeit second hand. Liz Evans amplifies on the huge ethical issues and also yet another example of families being completely side-lined on decision making, even when they have sole care of a relative who lacks capacity.  The bottom line would appear to be ‘Big Brother, aka UK Government employees, always know best. The tragedy is that the woman who was vaccinated against the declared wishes of her two adult sons, then suffered a significant vaccine injury.

Covid jabs may be to blame for increase in excess deaths 

Sarah Knapton, Health Editor, The Telegraph, 4th June 2024

This was the original headline on Sarah Knapton’s article in the print run of the Telegraph, which even had a notice on the front page. 

 In it she reports on an international study published in the BMJ Public Health the previous day, which is well worth reading in full. Her article concludes with a comment from Gordon Wishart, chief medical officer at Check4Cancer: “The paper provides more questions than answers but, it is hard to disagree with their conclusion that further analysis is required.”

Interestingly the online Telegraph article has modified the headline to

“Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths.”

There many other subtle changes, eg “Experts say the “unprecedented” figures “raised serious concerns” and called on governments to fully investigate the underlying causes, including possible vaccine harms.” has changed to the less compelling, “They said….”

WATCH: Brilliant Doctor CONFRONT Fauci on “making life difficult for unvaccinated”

Congressman, Dr McCormack, is a practising doctor working throughout the pandemic – well worth watching him interviewing Anthony Fauci, who hasn’t seen a patient in years. Every time Fauci tries to squirm, McCormack produces a video clip. Good one to share. 

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