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🔗 Dr Ahmad Malik in conversation with Nick Hudson of PANDA: Episode 088

A 4 minute excerpt from this podcast went viral this week. A consistently clear and articulate voice throughout the covid era, Nick lays out things in a timeline that really helps to clarify what happened. It is worth spending the time to reflect on recent events, because as George Santayana back in 1905, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This may be one to share with those currently ‘on the fence’, or those just starting to wonder if in fact, they were sold a pup back in 2020.

🔗 Monthly % Excess Mortality by Age Group & Sex, updated with latest data: Stuart A, @OutsideAllan, 13th November

These figures are devastating. For males under 65 there have been excess deaths every single month since June 2022. This cannot be down to NHS failures, as surely it would affect older age groups to an even greater extent. Under 65s didn’t miss out more than the elderly on blood pressure screening or cancer care, so why are we seeing this consistent excess? There is of course one pretty obvious elephant in the room, but there is only so long this looming beast can be ignored before the penny drops.

🔗 Moderna is spying on you Lee Fang & Jack Poulson, Unherd, 20th November

A worrying though not surprising analysis of Moderna’s response to the unvaccinated Novak (Novax) Djokavic winning the Moderna sponsored US Open in 2023.

🔗 The Accountability Deficit  The Broken Custodians from UsforThem, 20th November

How ministers and officials evaded accountability, misled the public and violated democracy during the pandemic. No news to most HART readers but it is nice to see this outlined clearly.

🔗 IT’S OVER! This Vaccine Lawsuit Changes EVERYTHING Russell Brand, 13th November

Russell provides a good synopsis of the recent AZ vaccine lawsuit and the wider implications. His comedic style is nonetheless bang on the money here. Given his wide reach, it is encouraging to see these kind of facts laid bare. We also notice that people who are suddenly smeared on a grand scale by the MSM (whether or not the allegations are true we cannot comment) tend to be ‘over the target’, or troublesome to the Establishment in some way. So perhaps Russell is indeed irking the powers that be, and we at HART welcome that sentiment!

🔗 The real Covid jab scandal is finally emerging Allison Pearson, The Telegraph, 9th November

For those that missed it, Allison Pearson interviewed Gareth Eve, whose wife Lisa Shaw, a BBC presenter, died in May 2021, having been vaccinated after several European countries had already dropped AZ for the under 50s. Allison ends by saying “With a heavy heart I’m going to say what should have been said a long time ago. Unlike those who were actually vulnerable to Covid, [she] did not need a Covid vaccine; any minuscule benefit to her was outweighed by the small risk..… Millions of healthy people queued up for a jab they didn’t require….”

🔗 In the end, the AstraZeneca vaccine just wasn’t as good as its rivals  Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph, 8th November

In some aspects this was a terrible, disingenuous article, for example highlighting the idea that the original European criticisms of AZ were influenced by post-Brexit anti-British feeling: “It was a case of throwing mud until some stuck and, through good luck rather than good judgement, the clotting issue turned out to have some adherent veracity.”  But she pointed out one important detail which many of us had suspected. “On the day we published the story we received a threatening phone call from a senior official at the MHRA warning that The Telegraph would be banned from future briefings and press notices if we did not soften the news.” Put another way, proof that money distorted news reporting. This surely is an admission that the Telegraph is less of a ‘newspaper’ than a government narrative advertorial. Good to know!

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