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🔗 One in four who had Pfizer Covid jabs experienced unintended immune response – The Telegraph, 6 December 2023

This is a huge story. If you can’t access due to the paywall, it has also been commented on in Nature by Wiseman, Rose, McKernan. The Telegraph comments section is particularly excoriating. A few to whet the appetite. The third just to show that try as they might, British gallows humour shows no signs of becoming extinct.

🔗 Korean Studies Indicate What Our Government is Hiding – Guy Hatchard, 5 December 2023

Article based on Korean data looking at vaccinated versus unvaccinated across a 3 month period. It is all official data and has a huge N number (over 2 million). It’s the most persuasive data we have seen with solid stats analysis that is devastating for vaccine promoters and all those who took these injections in good faith on the basis of untrue statements from their governments and regulators.

It is unclear why heart pathology is missing from this review, but perhaps that will be forthcoming in the fullness of time.

🔗 The MHRA and vaccine deaths – a chilling saga of evasion and contempt Dr Liz Evans, The Conservative Woman, 6th December

With a focus on Scotland, this article is loaded with useful graphs and discussion around excess deaths. A familiar tale of being given the runaround, ignored, with the goal being to make any interested party give up their quest for answers. Unluckily for the MHRA, Dr Liz Evans has tenacity, integrity and will not be put off by opaque bureaucracy. UK Government departments are increasingly reminiscent of a dystopian, communist-era failed state.

🔗 Request for the direct suspension of marketing authorizations Marcel de Graf, MEP, 4th October

Eight MEPs have written a detailed letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) outlining the many shortcomings of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and demanding an immediate suspension of their authorisation. 

🔗 Unmasking The Lie  Laura Dodsworth, Free the Mind Substack, 30th November

Laura Dodsworth reports on Dame Jenny Harries’ appearance at the covid inquiry. She confirmed what most of us knew, that there was really no evidence the masks worn in the community would significantly reduce spread of covid-19. There is never enough focus on the enormous harms they cause to mental health, child development and ability to communicate freely but at least this admission of lack of efficacy is a start onto the road to permanently removing this ugly and pointless stain from society.

🔗 Everyone is Asking the Same Question After Hearing Our Story: “What Can I Do to Help?”  Nic Robinson, World Council for Health, 5th December

A heartening account of getting out and talking to people, heartening in that they may met no confrontation, only gratitude, but certainly not heartening in that they met many people with vaccine injuries.

🔗 Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Pfizer for misrepresenting covid vaccine efficacy and conspiring to censor public discourse – Ken Paxton, 30 November 2023

We are encouraged by the legal cases starting to appear. In particular he questions the ‘95% efficacy against infection’ lie that was parroted through every mainstream channel during the roll-out season of 2021. These cases historically have been a good way into public consciousness to highlight the criminality of drug companies in bringing failed products to market.

We wish him every success, while also reminding him not to forget about BioNTech. The clinical trial to which this suit refers was BioNTech’s, it was and is BioNTech’s product and Pfizer carried out the trial on BioNTech’s behalf.

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