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🔗 The Forever Chemical Scandal Bloomberg investigates, 9th November:

A bit away from our usual pandemic-related topics but another example of big corporation coverups.  Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals used in thousands of products, from teflon non-stick cookware to dental floss, which most of us take for granted and assume are of proven safety. This Bloomberg investigates video gives a depressing take on the pervasive nature of these so-called ‘forever chemicals’ (they cannot be broken and excreted) and their possible health impacts.

🔗 The Declaration That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen Jeffrey Tucker, Brownstone Institute, 11th November 2023 

If you missed it at the time, here is a reminder of the concerted effort to discredit the highly respected academics who launched the Great Barrington Declaration. It is well worth reading and perhaps sharing with some half awake friends as an example of the massive censorship which enabled most of the public to assume a consensus that didn’t exist, and to accept ridiculous statements like “the Science is Settled”.

🔗 MHRA races into the lead in authorising experimental gene therapies Paula Jardine, Conservative Woman, 19th December 2023  

The MHRA is on the front foot again as June Raine lives up to her new role as an ‘enabler’. Clearly this urgent conditional marketing authorisation for a long standing condition will be marketed on the ‘people are impatient for new treatments’ basis. They might have chosen a genetic condition with a fatal outcome for their first foray into another new technology. But more worryingly, is whether the commercial importance for UK to “regain our status as a Science Superpower” took any precedence over the need for robust long-term safety data.  

🔗 The Lockdown, Stupid Dr David McGrogan, The Daily Sceptic, 21st December 2023

This excellent article by an Associate Professor of Law at Northumbria Law School, opens with a heartening account of one father’s effort to do the right thing by his 3 -year-old daughter at the start of the lockdown, including thanking an unknown Turkish gentleman from letting her join his children kite flying. McGrogan then goes on to decimate the experts who wrote reams for a Children’s Rights Impact Assessment at the behest of the Scottish Children and Young People’s Commissioner in August 2021. His analysis is well worth reading.

🔗 Spain brings back mandatory facemasks in hospitals as Covid spikes again | The Independent Alexander Butler, The Independent, 9th January 2024 

Depressing way to start the New Year in 2024 if you live in Spain, but also apparently if you live in Leicester or in one of several US States. The article quotes In the UK, scientists warned the government had “let its guard down”… “At the moment we’ve let our guard down and we’re quite blind to what’s going on,” said Professor Lawrence Young of the University of Warwick.”  These same ‘scientists’ clearly haven’t read most of the data on masks.

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