The HART Christmas Quiz

Ho ho ho….

Here we are at the end of another year…. what have we learned?

Why was Santa arrested in Germany recently?

How much in total has the cabinet office so far committed to spending on propaganda campaigns around Covid?

Which Greek letters were skipped to get to the name Omicron?

SARS-CoV-2 is the name of:

The adult trial, which followed 21,720 vaccinated participants for 6 months, was too small to detect a number of serious adverse events that are only now being widely recognised following mass rollout. How many children age 12-15 were vaccinated in the 2-month long Pfizer trial in children?

How many people had died of Covid worldwide at the time the PCR testing protocol for the virus was published on 23rd January 2020?

According to data from the Chinese authorities, how many people have died of covid in China since May 2020?

What proportion of the UK population has died labelled as a ‘with covid’ death?

When the Italian National Institute of Health (the Italian leading biomedical and public health research institute) investigated covid deaths, what proportion did they report had died “with covid” (i.e. where other conditions contributed to death) as opposed to “of covid”?

Which country has done the most tests per million in a single day?

A sample in a PCR test is called as a ‘positive’ result at a certain threshold called the ‘cycle threshold’ (Ct). Standard testing for Sars-CoV-2 across the world has routinely included positives reported at high cycle thresholds (up to 40). What is the maximum number of cycles you can run before the sample is most likely not finding infectious disease (anything higher being clinically meaningless)?

For the Pfizer vaccine, using the data from the clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine, how many subjects would be needed to be vaccinated to prevent one case of Covid which would be classed as severe?

Officially the earliest COVID-19 fatality in the UK was an 84-year-old man from Kent (who had never left the UK). Roughly when did he contract the virus?

What proportion of all with covid deaths in the UK were in people under 60 who had no pre-existing conditions listed?

Approx 400K adults in England and Wales are care home residents which accounts for 0.6% (1 in 167) of the population. What proportion of covid deaths were in care home residents?

Out of 1 million children sent home from school in July 2021, how many had covid?

What was the average age of a COVID-19 labelled death in 2020 in the UK?

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