Vaccine injury support group get charitable status

Is this a first?

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UK CV Family is a peer-support group set up in 2021 by two vaccine-injured women, Charlet Crichton and Caroline Pover. Along with Vaccine Injured & Bereaved UK (VIBUK), they have faced an uphill battle in getting recognition. However, UK CV Family has recently been granted charitable status

One widowed member of the VIBUK group had a copy of her husband’s death certificate taken down from Twitter, with it being deemed ‘disinformation’. The BBC were congratulating themselves on detecting people using a carrot emoji :carrot: in place of a vaccine symbol :syringe: and in a Marianna Spring style Stasi-esque witch hunt, succeeded in having VIBUK removed from FaceBook. This meant the loss of all of the contact details of the members being supported by the group. Meanwhile UK CV Family were having to self-censor to keep their FaceBook account up and running. For many, these groups were a lifeline at a time where no meaningful help, support or even recognition of the problems they faced was being offered elsewhere. It was certainly nowhere to be seen within ‘our’ beloved NHS

It is to be hoped that receiving charitable status will help them when pushing for government acknowledgment of the need for serious research into mechanisms of harm and more importantly for their members, effective treatments and adequate compensation. 

HART sincerely hopes that those whose lives were ruined by the reckless and unnecessary roll-out of these novel medical products will one day receive the recognition and support they deserve. 

Erratum: The details of censorship quoted were wrongly attributed to UKCVFamily, but have been corrected above to VIBUK. The principle of the BBC reporting a peer support group among others remains the same.

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