Yet another open letter to the MHRA

But are the regulators listening?

Seventy-nine experienced health professionals and academics from the Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council,  have sent yet another letter to the MHRA exhorting them not to follow the FDA in authorising Covid-19 products for 0-4-year-olds.  We know from past experience that where one regulator goes the others quickly follow.

The data provided by Pfizer to the US regulators is woefully inadequate both in terms of efficacy and of safety, as highlighted by Dr Clare Craig and others.  

The authors are grateful to The Conservative Woman, The Daily Sceptic and Dr Robert Malone for coverage. But most concerning is the lack of any coverage in the mainstream media.  We know that there is significant funding of the MHRA (86%) by the pharmaceutical industry and also BBC funding by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  How could a regulator claim not to be influenced by the source of the vast majority of their fund? Without coverage of these issues in the mainstream media, British parents will be unable to give consent that comes anywhere close to being “informed”.

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