Breaking the Silence – Dr David Cartland

Doctor documents his observations from the covid era

HART has previously referenced The Covid Physician, a blog from an anonymous GP on the Covid front line, and Dr Malcolm Kendrick, GP and author of books on topics such as cholesterol and the use of statins. For almost two years now, these doctors have provided harrowing commentary on happenings relating to Covid.  They are not alone – we hear many more stories ‘off the record’ from doctors that have not wanted to come forward.

This is changing. Dr David Cartland recently stepped forward to give a distressing testimony that was shared first on social media and was then published on the Metatron substack here. Dr Cartland has entitled his piece ‘Breaking the Silence’. He’s not wrong to use this title – the deathly hush that has surrounded what in any other time would be front page news has been extraordinary. It is almost as if there has been a code of silence – an Omerta – whereby the medical profession has chosen not to talk about certain subjects.  The resulting casualty has been patient safety.

Dr Cartland is to be commended for his honesty. Let us hope that others break cover too. After all: First Do No Harm.

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