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🔗 The Rule of Terror and Empty Vessels – Who warrants our trust anymore?  Tom Jefferson & Carl Henneghan, Trust the Evidence, 28th January

Beautifully sums up the frustration many of us are feeling these days!

🔗 Excess Death: Hidden Factors, Hidden Threats? Together Declaration meeting, 17th January

“End of Life” protocols used in the past and then re-introduced during covid times were discussed by a panel of speakers and live-streamed. The recording is absolutely worth watching, including some harrowing testimony from participants. 

🔗 Are Facemasks Safe & Effective? Hugh McCarthy, Principia-Scientific.com, 2nd February 2024

Bearing in mind Baroness Hallett’s tone deaf question “why wouldn’t you recommend masks if there was a possibility they might work?” we would like to highlight another timely review of their potential for harm, especially to children. It still seems shocking at this stage that we would need to highlight that covering faces, with all the nuance that communication entails, is not normal or good. But here we are. Still….

🔗 Mask mania claims a little boy’s life Roger Watson, TCW, 5th February 2024

This describes the tragic case of an infant suffocated by a mask while at day care in Taiwan, despite facemasks never being recommended for such young children. Harrowing and heart-breaking in equal measure, but helps to reiterate the madness of crowds when harmful public health measures are introduced and left to fester.

🔗 A New York County Pays $750,000 to Families Whose Unvaccinated Kids Were Barred From School During Measles Outbreak Michael Nevradakis, The Defender, 5th February 2024

Rockland County, in New York State, banned unvaccinated children from their schools over several months in 2019 during a local measles outbreak. A group of parents sued the education authority and lost at the local court, but this was overturned in the Court of Appeal. It was due to go before a jury next week but the authority decided at the last minute to settle out of court. Maybe the parents of Birmingham where a similar ban was implemented recently, should follow suit!

🔗 Tribunal orders compensation for SA government employee who developed pericarditis after COVID jab  Josephine Lim, ABC News, 31st January 2024

Another successful legal case, this time in Australia, which may set a precedent for many more challenges to the vaccine mandates. Here’s hoping there is some justice for these individuals who were forced to surrender their bodily autonomy and were harmed in the process.

🔗 Were lockdowns ethical? David Paton & John Keown, The Critic, 7 February 2024

David Paton and John Keown ask a rhetorical ‘Question To Which The Answer Is No’ (QTWTAIN) emphasising what has been a constant refrain from HART. We are still baffled that this question even needs to be asked at this stage, but the die-hards are still refusing to surrender so repeat we must!

🔗 A brief video on how to think, not what to think Twitter, Lee Harris, 3 Feb 2024

This video is slightly terrifying when we consider thought processes of the younger generation who cannot remember a pre-social-media time. The ability to assign ‘guilty’ to a person without any thought of the nuance and detail is a real problem. As AI and deep fake videos become ever more prevalent, it is crucial that younger people understand critical thinking in a meaningful way.

🔗 Dopesick – Mini Series – Disney, available for streaming

This mini series was first released in 2021 but it might be one to recommend to any ‘on the fence’ friends who might be ready to admit that all was not as it seemed in 2020. It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to understand that the abhorrent tactics of pharmaceutical companies has not changed one iota since the opiate scandal broke. Perhaps some may join the dots. We just hope more whistleblowers come forward to allow the real truth around the covid injectables to eventually see the light of day. It usually takes a decade or so, so watch this space…

🔗 The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing

The author presents a systematic analysis of the methods of brainwashing, mental torture and coercion, and shows how totalitarian strategy, with its use of mass psychology, leads to systematised “rape of the mind.” It is one to read and understand, as the use of such tactics becomes so normalised by governments across the world, under cover of cute titles like ‘nudge’ and ‘persuasion’. Let’s call it what it is.. brutal propaganda using deeply unethical mind control. Forewarned is forearmed.

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