MPs remain determined to go down with the ship

Vaccine worship: a die-hard religion

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Dr Edmund Fordham is a HART member and a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate running against Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire. Dr Fordham sent us a letter that was shared with him by Lucy Frazer (his MP) on the subject of covid vaccines. It was written by Maria Caulfield, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Mental Health and Women’s Health Strategy.

You might recognise Maria Caulfield as the government representative in the excess death debate in parliament on 16th January 2024. This letter is a masterclass in vaccine worship in every paragraph. Here is why it is terribly misguided.

Paragraph 1

The unvaccinated population is disproportionately from lower socioeconomic groups and had a higher mortality BEFORE vaccination. This is never accounted for and makes a mockery of the claim. The Statistics Regulator upheld a complaint that the ONS sample was biased and should not be used to make such claims. The ONS failed to address the points raised by the regulator subsequently. 

Furthermore, the ONS hid the data as it became evident that the mortality rate was not favourable in the vaccinated. The last publication only included deaths up until May 2023 and only included a tiny fraction of the deaths that should have been included. 

Paragraph 2

Excess mortality showed a stepwise increase from spring 2021. The same was seen in places like Australia and Singapore before significant covid hit. What common factors do these places have other than the covid vaccines? Yes, the cause of death will have been attributed to cardiovascular and other diseases – but WHY were these higher than before? What caused THEM?

Paragraph 3

There has been no benefit. The vaccines were sold on the claim they would stop transmission meaning no more lockdowns. However, it is clear to any honest person that the covid waves come and go independent of intervention. Yes there have been fewer intensive care admissions and deaths since January 2022 but that was because of the arrival of Omicron. Looking at 2021 it was clear that the Delta wave was associated with as many intensive care admissions as any previous wave and deaths in US and Europe were similar for Delta as previous waves too. 

Paragraph 4

Covid vaccine safety testing was utterly inadequate but even if it had been more thorough it would have struggled to demonstrate a measurable risk that occurs months after injection. The trial data did show a safety signal, then the adverse reporting system did and for a long time it has been evident in the real world data. The rise in cardiac arrests was first called out from May 2021.

The boosters were not trialled on a pitiful number of people using only antibody levels to make claims of efficacy and ignoring a terrible safety profile. The MHRA have since announced that no clinical trials will be carried out in future on this novel platform before they merrily wave through the approvals within days of application by the pharmaceutical companies.

Paragraph 5

Anthony Housefather, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement in Canada, was clear about the lack of testing. In February 2023, he was asked why the pharmaceutical companies were granted confidentiality agreements by the government. He answered they were signed, “when everybody was desperate for vaccines. When companies were being told to rush vaccine production – do testing in an unprecedented way – in a way they normally don’t do it. So, these companies were exposed to way higher liability, putting their products on the market than they normally would because they didn’t do the type of testing that normally takes these drugs years to go to market. They did it all in less than a year. That’s why these companies said, ‘if I am going to deliver you this product that I haven’t tested in my normal way, I want to have different conditions.’ With countries around the world competing with each other to get these, the countries had less leverage than they normally do.” 

Similarly, in October 2022, Pfizer executive Janine Small, testifying in front of the EU parliament, said, “We had to really move at the speed of science..we had to do everything at risk.”

Does that sound like there were “extensive checks and balances” in place?

Besides, the MHRA were not the ones to sign off on the application. Lord Bethell (“Jim”) signed the Pfizer/BioNTech approval on 1st December 2020 before MHRA had even received the full submission on 2nd December 2020.

Paragraph 6

These systems have clearly failed. The MHRA failed to spot the VITT problem caused by AstraZeneca. Denmark noticed a problem after 150,000 injections had been given. At that time the UK had injected 9.7 million people and the MHRA had failed to notice anything. New systems should have been put in place as a result of that failure. They then denied a link to myocarditis even while other regulators had declared one. They are merely following other regulators in their warnings. 

Paragraph 7

Not only are the MHRA not reviewing “all suspected adverse drug reaction reports” they are not even managing to follow up serious or life threatening yellow card reports. 

The fact that the government is still using the YellowCard as their primary evidence source (while discrediting it) goes to show how useless the surveillance monitoring has been. Where are the promised prospective surveys? Where is the analysis from GP records? Where is any analysis of real world data?

Paragraph 8

What a waste of money. We have been telling them for nearly three years now that these vaccines are unsafe and have done so for free. What they are really spending the money on is narrative keeping. The UK has invested £1bn in a Moderna research and manufacturing centre committing to a ten year partnership and the government is not ready yet to write that off as a stupid decision. Instead, they are doubling down.

In fairness to Maria Caulfield she has engaged more than other members of the government on this issue and may slowly be learning but this letter feels like a massive backwards step. The chink of light still seems illusive.

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