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🔗 State power grab over child health Part 1: Vaccination in schools  Dr Elizabeth Evans, TCW, February 9, 2024

HART’s Liz Evans, Co-ofunder of UKMFA, has written a powerful piece around the dangers of coercion in the schools’ vaccination programme. HART published an article 2 years ago questioning why schools were acting as vaccination centres.  It is noteworthy that  the Norwegian Institute of Public Health specifically advised that “municipalities should be cautious about organising vaccination at schools, as this may be seen as a strong wish on the part of the authorities for them to get vaccinated, and may be felt to be less voluntary”. 

Part 2 covers the NHS sidelining parents, with GPs writing to 12-year-olds to ask for their personal phone numbers and email addresses, so that they can contact them regarding all health care issues once they turn 13.  After that age, parents will only be included with the child’s written consent. 

🔗 Pressure mounts on Hancock as leading professor calls for ‘at least 10 years in jail’ Sally Beck, News Uncut, 12th February 2024

Sally Beck has been one of the journalists continuing to investigate and speak out on all vaccine topics.  Professor Angus Dalgleish has been a vocal critic of the government policy. Warning early on about the potential risks from spike-protein-based vaccines, as well as investigating the likely origins of SARS-CoV-2 from a lab leak.  Famously, Anthony Fauci was so alarmed by this revelation (perhaps because he was funding it!) that he commissioned Sir Jeremy Farrar (then Wellcome Trust now WHO), to write a multi-author letter to the Lancet attempting to discredit the lab leak theory.  

To the eternal discredit of St George’s Hospital, they have bowed to the trolls and pushed Professor Dalgleish into retirement, though at least still with his Emeritus Professor title. As he says, at age 73, it doesn’t matter so much to him but his patients will lose a caring physician who has always put their best interests ahead of toeing the party line. And it is yet again aimed at putting the frighteners on any younger doctors and academics who were thinking of speaking up. 

The HART team would like to say thank you to Professor Dalgleish for speaking out where most feared to go and ask how this dismissal complies with employment legislation.

🔗 Unstoppable Mothers Against Covid Vaccine Injuries Philip McMillan, Vejon-Covid-19 Review, 10th February 2024

Philip MacMillan interviews Ed Balbona & Heather Hudson, coauthors of a case report of a young man with a fatal aortic dissection, alongside Hetty Simoes, the young man’s mother.  The interview is long but absolutely worth watching, highlighting this mother’s quest for answers to her son’s death. She had to complete the VAERS report herself and subsequently get tissue samples sent to Germany as she was unable to find a single pathologist in the US willing to undertake histology.

The interview was taken down from YouTube within 48 hours for breaching their ‘community guidelines’ but is available via Substack. 

🔗 Breaking free from the two party system Bobby Kennedy Jr writing in the Baltimore Sun and posted here by Meryl Nass on Substack, 14th February 2024

Bobby Kennedy makes a strong case for the American people to break away from the divisive two party stranglehold – in a recent poll 45% of voters described themselves as ‘Independent’, significant numbers if you were looking at 3-way race. Not surprising that the Biden administration are looking for every way to keep RFK’s name off the final ballot papers. 

🔗 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign  Mead M, Seneff S, Wolfinger R, Rose J, Denhaerynck K, Kirsch S, McCullough P, 24th January 2024

This comprehensive review paper brings together the many concerns that have been raised over the last 4 years about the rush to a new mRNA technology gene-based ‘vaccine’ and the potential for serious adverse events, which indeed have become more and more apparent over time. Although published on 24th January, on 16th February over 3 weeks later, the authors received a letter from the publishers saying they had received complaints about the article and are planning to retract it on 25th February. No question of the critics simply publishing a letter with the authors having a right of reply, as would have happened regularly in the past. Jessica Rose and Peter McCullough have had a similar problem previously, with an article initially published but then retracted by the editors with no opportunity for any corrections, if indeed there were any errors to correct. Peter McCullough’s latest substack article publishes a detailed rebuttal to the criticisms of this paper dated 22nd February, which is also well worth reading. At present the original article is still accessible in the link at the top of this pick of the week item.

🔗 Why did behavioural scientists crave mask mandates?  Gary Sidley, Artillery Row, 16th February 2024

“The COVID pandemic exposed the nastiness of nudging”. This article probes the influence of David Halpern, and his Behavioural Insight Team (BIT),in persuading the government – in June 2020 – to  introduce compulsory masks into many areas of public life, despite the lack of evidence for their effectiveness. According to his Covid-19 Inquiry witness statement, Halpern was (as early as March/April 2020) urging Whitty and Vallance to impose face masks on the British public, even going so far as to involve Porton Down in his mask crusade. Control and compliance seemed to be the main motivation, with total disregard for their harms. 

🔗 The End of Democracy: “What I’m describing is Military Rule” Robert Malone on Substack, 17th February 2024

Robert Malone has linked an interview between Tucker Carlson and Michael Benz, ex-US government cyber-security, in which Mike  Benz, founder of Foundation for Freedom Online, describes the situation regarding the loss of free speech as “the inversion of democracy.” The US constitution’s First Amendment seems no longer to apply. 

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