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A donation request from the HART Group

The team at HART have been publishing our news bulletin for almost two years.

It has been a veritable roller-coaster, replete with delightful MSM hit pieces, professional hacks, epic twitter trolling and all the other fun activities associated with daring to question The Science™.

We have deliberately remained self-funded by our members in order to avoid additional insults of ‘grifter’ and ‘shill’, although quite who might be paying us is anyone’s guess!

The time has come where we would like to ask for a small donation if you would like us to continue our work.

Our monthly outgoings include server costs, iStock photo footage, Mailchimp newsletter services and occasional outgoings for conferences, in order to reach a wider audience.

We would be immensely grateful if you could donate via this PayPal donation link.

All of our authors, scientific analysts, proof-readers, and web publishers continue to work as unpaid volunteers. If we raise more than we need for our immediate running costs we will use it to help reach more people via targeted online campaigns.

We realise many of you may have cancelled your PayPal accounts in protest in 2022. You can still donate by making a credit card payment. We have chosen to use Paypal as other options were not possible at this time.

We thank you for your generosity


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