Women’s reproductive concerns are brushed aside

Belated research to answer critical questions

Authorities have preached for months about the safety of COVID vaccines. Their firm belief in their safety seems to have been built on the foundation of a belief that all vaccines are safe rather than an assessment of these drugs in particular.

People who have raised concerns about safety have been vilified and the adverse reaction systems designed to identify safety problems have been flashing red while being merrily ignored.

Women’s concerns around menstruation were brushed aside and only in the last month has money been promised for a clinical trial to investigate how long it takes teenagers with disturbed menstruation to return to normal after vaccination. 

Both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines consist of lipid nanoparticles and mRNA molecules. The lipids allow it to enter our body cells, where the mRNA then causes the synthesis of the coronavirus spike protein. There are grave concerns by many scientists regarding the proven cytotoxic effects of both the spike protein and the cationic lipids. Studies designed to measure where the vaccine accumulates in the body showed that after 48 hours the ovaries contained 7% of the levels present at the injection site. No-one knows whether they may cause damage to egg cells, which of course can never be replenished. Recent research shows that spike protein continues to be produced for 4 months after vaccination.  

Plenty of women have successfully conceived after vaccination and have delivered healthy babies. However, that does not mean that we can determine that COVID-19 vaccines are safe for all women of child-bearing age. Without access to a time machine, making bold claims that these vaccines are ‘perfectly safe’ for this cohort is quite simply impossible. 

Recruitment is now underway in Israel for a clinical trial (NCT04748172) examining the effect of COVID -19 mRNA injections on ovarian reserve. Injecting millions of women of child-bearing age with mRNA injections before understanding the impact they may have on fertility is nothing short of reckless. Regardless of the outcome, the very fact that this crucial study is only now being undertaken is pure negligence. If they do indeed find that fertility is affected, what then? There is no rewind button.

Problems with clotting and with myocarditis have been identified but the action taken to protect people has been minimal and knowing of these life threatening adverse reactions has not stopped the rush to mandate vaccination through the ‘no jab no job’ policies in many countries. Other findings that don’t fit the narrative of ‘safe and effective’ are simply ‘disappeared’ without a trace from all media and research channels. Even after the death of a BBC presenter nothing was said for three months.

This censorship of scientific enquiry during the roll-out of a brand new biotechnology is a very dangerous game. If the pharmaceutical industry has managed to capture the media as well as the regulatory bodies and has used relentless propaganda for over 18 months, who is ultimately responsible for the harms that may be caused as a result? It certainly will not be the vaccine manufacturers, who were granted legal indemnity.

Medics everywhere should be raising the alarm about the total lack of adequate safety studies. They are in positions of trust. Once that trust is broken, it will take generations to repair. The Hippocratic Oath binds medics to do no harm, and more specifically “not administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so.” Now is the time to uphold that oath. 

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