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Mainstream Media ‘Scoop’ = Yesterday’s News

We are pleased to note that Orwellian censorship antics promulgated by the UK Government – in cahoots with various civil service agencies, assorted contractors and pharmaceutical companies – has managed a few days in the mainstream limelight, even making the front page of the Daily Telegraph.  Various public – and previously staunch pro-lockdown – individuals were keen to express their support for the revelations, despite having been seemingly oblivious to these concerns for over three years.  Andrew Neil – who in December 2021 said it was time to ‘punish’ those who had decided not chosen to receive mRNA injections – heralded a ‘cracking scoop’:

However, it is worth highlighting that these recent reports are hardly injecting much ‘new’ into the ‘news’, with almost all these disclosures having been in the public domain for quite some time.  Why draw attention to them now – what else do they not want us talking about?

To recap: Big Brother Watch released a damning report – entitled the ‘Ministry of Truth’ – back in January of this year, detailing shady activities by various opaque surveillance squads within Whitehall to:

  • monitor people who are “critical of the government”,
  • “tackl[e] a range of harmful narratives online” and
  • outsource some of this dirty work – at taxpayer expense – to army units and private (privateer?) companies such as (TheLogically Ltd), which claims to ‘intercept [misinformation and disinformation] threats before they become widespread’. 

There was some reasonable coverage of this at the time from the likes of the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, with additional follow-up coverage in the Spectator and Spiked (prior to the latter venting a perplexing tirade against ‘anti-vaxxers’).

HART was on the sharp end of’s ministrations back in 2021, shortly after we came together to ask questions, reject censorship and uphold long-established ethics.  We outlined what happened to us in more detail in a follow-up to the Ministry of Truth revelations – we still find it absolutely extraordinarily mind-blowing that UK Government and its lackeys should see fit to attempt to use highly questionable – if not illegal – tactics in an attempt to smear a group of volunteer doctors and professionals such as HART.

To reiterate,, in receipt of at least £1.2m of public money in return for ‘threat interception’ services, managed to get hold of and deemed it appropriate to publish and disseminate (and publicly misinterpret) internal chat logs between our members, covering the first six months of HART’s existence.  They sifted through a huge quantity of entirely mundane discussion – including the sense-checking of our own arguments and robust internal debate to refine our own thinking – to produce various out-of-context ‘reveals’ and ‘gotchas’.  This is a well-rehearsed tyrannical playbook for ‘dealing’ with honest folk that cannot otherwise be bribed or blackmailed to stay silent.

Why are we so dangerous to those in power who have been heavily involved with incurring over £400 billion of cost while presiding over the implementation of a totally disproportionate response to a moderately-more-severe-than-usual period of seasonal respiratory disease? And why do they want to deflect any discussion about – let alone investigate – the unusually high mortality rates in countries in the absence of subsequent higher levels of respiratory disease?

HART has, since its founding back in early 2021, received a grand total of £9,645 in funding from members of the public and its own members, and all our members contribute for zero remuneration.

We invite readers to draw their own conclusions.  In one corner, £400 billion of spending and all that money can buy, yet still churning out laughable content that is riddled with inconsistencies, discrepancies, errors and bad propaganda. In another corner, a group of volunteers, attempting – along with disparate groups of independent thinkers – to make sense of the incomprehensible. 

Take your pick.

As we recently summarised: If we have “saved one person from suffering an unnecessary adverse effect, our consciences are clear — we will sleep well knowing we did what we could.

Others, however, will have to look themselves in the mirror for evermore and know what they have done”.

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