Too high a bar for drug safety calls

Drug safety regulation appears to be a lone wolf in the world of safety regulation. The aviation sector doesn’t ignore safety incidents “because they are outweighed by the benefits” and nor should the drug regulators. The aviation baseline is “less than 1 fatal accident per 1 million flying hours”. The alarm bells ring as soon as there is 1 fatal accident. Actually, even a near-miss gets them excited.

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Have the MHRA admitted causation for any vaccine harm?

The MHRA are far too slow to react to harm and admit causation. There is a history here. When the 2009 swine flu vaccine caused narcolepsy the UK institutions were very slow to react. It was Scandinavian countries who highlighted the problem in 2010. That year the MHRA were measuring for other effects but not narcolepsy. In 2011, they said they needed to await epidemiological studies. It took until 2013 before Public Health England admitted a problem in the UK.

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Three years on from the first covid vaccine death

3 years ago today, Dr Stephen Wright died from vaccine-induced thrombosis, caused by the AstraZeneca covid vaccine he received on 16th January 2021.

Like many others he was assured it was Safe and Effective and that he should take it to protect others.

His family mentioned the vaccine could be the cause when he was hospitalised and a Yellow Card was completed in early February 2021. MHRA took zero action on this 1st known death!

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